Reach Your Perfect Customer With List Services


The first step to a successful direct mail marketing campaign is ensuring that the mailing list you use is the most effective and complete. Many companies make the mistake of never getting their customer's contact information or failing to keep up contact. Another common mistake is failing to collect the necessary information from potential customers to build an effective mailing list. Here are some tips that will help you build a mailing list that will ensure good results from your next campaign, whether it is your first attempt at direct mailers or your fiftieth.

Know Your Audience

Many companies make the mistake of casting a very wide net in hopes of garnering more interest. While this used to be a good tactic, in today's digital age it is no longer the best option.

Most marketing gurus agree that a smaller net with high-quality contacts yields better results. Narrow down your demographic to find customers who will not only pay attention to your mailer, but who will benefit from it as well. For example, if you sell baby bottles, your target demographic might be parents between the ages of 18 and 35. While that's fine, it can be further narrowed down to expectant parents and women who have given birth in the last six months. This is the group that will benefit the most from your product.

Market Research

Market research is the best way to get to know your client base on a more personal level. The more information you collect from your current customers, the better you'll be at interpreting and predicting what they will like in terms of direct mailers. Many online ventures find that creating a survey at the end of the checkout process is the quickest, easiest and most efficient way to collect such data. Age and demographic information is important, but you'll want to get down to the nitty-gritty and find out what your consumers really like or dislike about your products to understand how to tailor ads and direct mailers to them.

Organize and Dispense Your Contacts Properly

An organized campaign is a successful one. Use a database to create a mailing list and categorize the contacts. Not only does this make it easier to send out a mailer, but it also helps guarantee that the right contacts make it onto the right lists. This also makes it easier to track the effectiveness of a campaign, as you'll be able to easily see which customers received which mailer campaign. Organization also makes it easier to launch a duplicate campaign in the future.

How PPS can help!

PPS can help you mail door-to-door or to specific target customers. You are more likely to get a response by mailing to the most receptive audience. PPS can help you identify that audience.

Mailing List Services

  • Custom - Your mail will typically get a better response if it is presented to the right audience. If you give us a list of filters, we can come up with mailing addresses to fit. Whether you wish to reach married couples with children, new homeowners or dog lovers, PPS can create a targeted list for your business or organization.
  • Carrier Route - Are you trying to mail everyone in a particular neighborhood? PPS can send your mail door-to-door and save you money on postage at the same time. Do you need city-wide mailing to promote your new business venture? PPS can handle that too.

Already have a mailing list? PPS can clean it up, filter for duplicates, and even make updates, such as additions or spelling corrections. All of our lists are CASS certified and checked against the National Change of Address database.