Want To Reach Today's College Students?


Digital marketing is definitely here to stay. Yet, it has not taken the place that direct mail has in marketing. Smart college recruiters know that combining direct mail and digital marketing is the way to reach prospective college students. How is this possible?

Tapping Into The Reality of Students Today

It's not surprising that high school and college students are always connected in some way. Whether it is by their smartphone or tablet, they always seem to be online. That is today's reality.

What might be surprising, however, is the fact that direct mail actually hits home with many of theses students. It is something different from their normal communication. It can be personalized to their needs and wants. It is something they can pick up and examine at leisure.

Combining Digital Marketing and Direct Mail

Did you know that a recent study conducted by the USPS found that digital marketers who added direct mail to their marketing efforts actually saw a 61% increase in ROI

Here are some ways you can combine the two to improve your own ROI.

Create a comprehensive message: Your digital marketing message should be reflected in your direct mail and vice versa. The colors and themes should be the same or very similar. It creates a united front your prospects can recognize and embrace.

Create a specialized web page customized for each student: Place the URL on the direct mailpiece or encode it in a QR code. Interested students will go to that webpage. It will allow you to track how many have a real interest. The URL can become a portal for the student to learn more about what your college has to offer.

Always link to your social media: All of your direct mail pieces should have connections to your social media channels. It will offer students a chance to become followers to see more about what your school is offering. If the student decides to share it with others, your potential list of recruits will grow.

Use your website as a tool to build your mailing list: Invite students to sign up for newsletters and other college information. You can gather the prospects' name, address, email address and phone, all of which can be used in both your direct mail and digital marketing efforts.

Recruit alumni to provide reviews of their experience: You can use still photos and quotes in your direct mail. You can use live video and the full testimonial on your website. You can include quotes and links in your email campaigns.

PPS can help your university with your direct mail and integrate it with your digital marketing efforts. We have experience working with several colleges and schools. Contact us today for a free quote.