How To Increase Student Recruitment Rates


The competition for new students is fierce in the world of academia. It doesn't matter if you are talking about top universities or local community colleges. There are always colleges vying to gain the attention of students. Standing out in the crowd gets more difficult each year. 

That is why diversifying marketing channels is critical and why direct mail marketing needs to be in the mix.

What Makes Direct Mail Marketing So Powerful?

The concept of direct mail seems old school. It has been around for centuries. Yet, even in this digital age, it remains a powerful marketing tool. And here are a few reasons why:

  • It allows personalized messaging to students within your target audience.
  • It stands outamong the many schools who only use digital marketing.
  • It has a long history of proven success.
  • It is more tangible than an email that is easily lost in an inbox.
  • It gets noticed.
  • It is extremely versatile for all stages of the marketing and recruitment process.
  • It works even when you are not.
  • It offers a near-immediate response.
  • It provides an easy way to track ROI.

How Can Colleges Use Direct Mail for Recruiting?

The recruitment process is long and involved these days. It begins when high school students are in their sophomore or junior years. There are many ways that direct mail can be used through this process.

  • Introducing the school to potential students.
  • Inviting students for open houses or tours of the campus.
  • Generate inquiries from students for more information.
  • Respond to digital inquiries.
  • Build and enhance the school's brand
  • Communicate with high school counselors and administrators.

And, when the student graduates from college, direct mail can keep alumni involved with the school. Alumni are sometimes the best recruitment tools available. They can visit prospective students and give campus tours.

Making the Most of a Direct Mail Campaign


Like every marketing channel, direct mail requires some planning to be successful. It needs to have a purpose and have a target audience. The time spent up front makes all the difference.

You need to have a clearly stated purpose for each piece of direct mail that you send out. Is it the first introduction to a high school junior? Is it an invitation to a campus tour for students in the summer between junior and senior year? Is it response to a digital request for more information?

Of course there are many more pieces to a successful direct mail campaign. The professionals at PPS in Amarillo, Midland, and Lubbock, Texas are experts in putting together successful campaigns for colleges of all sizes. Contact us for a free quote today.