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The USPS recently delayed the IMB Full Service requirement from January 26, 2014 to sometime in 2015 (most likely, although nothing is set in stone).  In order to take advantage of automation discounts, all submitted First-Class Mail postcards, letters or flats, Standard Mail letters or flats, and Bound Printed Matter flats must be Full Service compliant.

Is PPS ready?  Yes.
Our first-class presort service; we have already been full service compliant for two years.  Our bulk mail services are full service compliant as of this fall and we are 100% ready for the January deadline!

OUR CUSTOMERS will not see any change in their current service, and the new Full Service Compliance regulations will not change how you handle YOUR mail.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact PPS.


PPS is a complete mail service company providing major savings to businesses in a variety of industries.

PPS encompasses a wide range of business mail, mailing list, shipping and mail processing services. From national direct mail campaigns and First-Class presort services, to post office box collection and delivery, PPS is your business mail solution. In addition to common mail services such as metering, inserting, addressing, folding, tabbing, sorting and providing a custom mailing list, PPS also offers lower mailing rates and statement-processing services, where we print and mail invoices, collection notices, marketing documents, fundraising letters, and mail-merge documents.

Over the past 25 years, with PPS’s continued desire to become an innovative leader in the industry, we have grown to be a trusted partner with over 1500 businesses; our productivity and low mailing rates demonstrates that we are your Business Mail Expert.

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