Stand Out With Direct Mail Marketing


Direct mail can walk right past the door and on to the dining room table. You can't get those kinds of results from digital mail. A strong, well designed mail piece meets the train of thought of the recipient. It may sit on their counter, waiting to be visited again, or placed on the refrigerator for further use (in the case of coupons.) 

Here's 5 Ways To Get Noticed

Here are five ways for your direct mail to remain at the top of the pile:

  1. Personalize - Nothing will turn off a prospective consumer faster than being addressed as "Dear Resident." Every piece of direct mail you send needs to be personalized to the consumer who receives it. You can do that with variable data printing. You can set fields to accept personalized data to make each piece unique.
  2. Build targeted mailing lists - You don't have an endless marketing budget, so you need to try and maximize the impact of every marketing piece you send. Having an up-to-date mailing listspecifically targeted to one audience is essential. It maximizes your response rate.
  3. Use bold headlines, eye-catching colors and graphics - Your piece cannot blend into the background. It needs to be eye-catching and bold. Use pictures and graphics that speak to the consumer's interests. Leverage your brand colors and logos to capture the reader's attention and keep them reading. Remember, though, that one bold picture generally has more impact than a dozen small ones. 
  4. Have a single purpose with a clear call-to-action - What do you want the consumer to do after reading your direct mail? Each piece you send should have a single purpose and a clear action that you want the consumer to take. 
  5. Provide multiple ways to respond - You want to make it as easy as possible for your prospect to contact you. Provide email and webpage addresses. Give a physical address and a phone number. 


Statistical Facts

  1. 42% of recipients read or scan through direct mail pieces. This means almost half of your target audience is actually stopping a few seconds to read your message.
  2. 56% of customers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy type of marketing. 

  3. 80% - 90% of direct mail is opened and reviewed compared to email, which boasts a mere 20% - 30% open rate.
  4. The response rate to direct mail pieces is 3.7%, as opposed to 2% mobile, 1% email, 1% social media and 0.2% internet display.


And Remember

Direct mail can easily be integrated with web/media (TV/Radio) and social media to create a winning combination. Integrating direct mail with these online channels enables measurement and accountability.