The Benefits of Presort First-Class Mail

PPS boasts more than 30 years of experience handling First-Class Mail. Experience aside, why would you want to outsource your organization's mail operations to PPS? We can: 

  • Streamline mail processes

  • Ensure secure, on-time deliveries

  • Offer discounted rates

  • Improve overall efficiencies

  • Reduce or eliminate cost of purchasing and maintaining equipment

  • Produce your mailpieces on the latest, most advanced equipment

  • Help you return focus to your core competencies

  • Free up office space and employees for more profitable endeavors

  • Strengthen the integrity and reach of your brand

  • Be your personal post office liaison

Whether you are a nonprofit, small to midsize business or large business, you know that every penny counts. Our mail specialists also examine each and every piece of mail, acting as another layer of security.

Worried about time? By presorting and barcoding, PPS helps ensure your mail reaches its destination faster. And here’s the best part: You don’t even have to step foot inside the post office. We can pick up your mail and deliver it to the post office for you. Our friendly drivers and route coordinators will work with you to schedule the most convenient pick-up time.

How Do Presort Services Work?

  • You meter your letter-size mail at the presort rate.

  • PPS picks up your mail, including flats, certified, stamped, priority, and express mail, every weekday.

  • Each letter-size piece is barcoded, presorted by zip code and delivered to the post office each evening.

  • All presorted mail must include the inscription "PRESORTED FIRST-CLASS."

  • There is no change in your process.

  • There are no contracts.

Metering Services

  • All letter-size mail is metered at presort postage rates. Certified, Express and Priority mail are metered at full postage rates.

  • Certified receipts and Firmbooks are stamped at the Post Office.

  • There's no change in your current mail process.

  • There are no contracts.