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Direct Mail is designed, printed and mailed according to USPS regulations, which can be pretty strict, if we’re going to be completely honest with you. And we will be, 100% of the time. If your mailpiece doesn’t meet USPS’s guidelines, we’ll let you know. Better yet, we’ll fix it.

PPS has the experience, resources and skills to take on your Direct Mail campaign. Direct Mail is the backbone of PPS. In the past 30 years, we’ve expanded to become a full-service design, print and mail facility in order to better serve our customers. Whether you are stressing about a complex, highly targeted mass mailing job or a last-minute company announcement you have to get out before your boss catches you, we’ll make sure the job gets done right.   


If you need help designing your mail piece, contact our Professional Designers for help. 



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Why Direct Mail?


Postcards are an easy, effective and affordable way to reach new and existing customers. Quickly capture the attention of your audience with a message that pops.

PPS can design, print and mail your postcards, and even create a targeted mailing list for your direct mail campaign. Or, if you prefer, you can provide the artwork for the postcard yourself and we’ll handle the rest.

PPS can save your organization valuable time and money by sending them in bulk for a discounted rate. We also have a variety of sizes, coating options, and paper stock at different price points you can choose from.  



If you love the idea of a postcard, but are still leaning toward a letter, consider a self-mailer. A self-mailer essentially combines the benefits of both. You cut costs by eliminating the need for an envelope, and, with increased flexibility and ample room for images and content, you can instantly catch your audience’s attention right out of the mailbox.

From newsletters and brochures to short catalogs and coupons, self-mailers help ensure your message is heard loud and clear at a price your business or organization can afford. Allow PPS to design, print and mail your company’s next self-mailer.


Letters are like a classic, timeless film — no matter how many new, modern forms of marketing are born, letters never go out of style. If done correctly, a letter can open up a whole new world of opportunity for businesses and nonprofits alike. Due to their personal nature, letters often inspire brand loyalty and generate new customer leads. Done incorrectly, and they’ll be tossed in the trash without a second glance.

PPS’ team of mail buffs know how to make letters feel personal and meaningful. With our creative graphic designers and professional printing and mailing staff, we will make sure your business or nonprofit letter looks like it was sent to just that recipient rather than a mass advertisement or donation request. Want to go that extra mile? PPS can also include custom inserts, reply cards, and more.

We can also do invitations, newsletters, magazines/peridicals, brochures and so much more!


Increase your ROI!

PPS has a new marketing program that’s designed to seamlessly track the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns — while enhancing your overall results — through multi-channel marketing with Google. You fulfill your direct mail order as usual, and we do the rest.