2018 PPS Holiday Calendar

PPS knows the importance of deadlines. Having a postal holiday calendar accessible can make scheduling easier throughout the year. 

While the USPS takes ten holidays, PPS accepts mail to our facility on several of those days. We prepare the mail - design, print, fold, stuff, insert, direct address, meter, and sort (among other services), getting the product ready to be mailed on the next available postal business day. 

Our 2018 Postal Holiday Calendar breaks down the dates clearly. If you ever have a question, our helpful staff can explain. Just give us a call.  

Before you print...
Does your mail piece pass the test?
Give our customer service a call on your size, paper type, and mailing area, to make sure you are getting the best possible postal rate out of your design. Better to know before, than after you have spent the money. The USPS sets regulations you must abide by. 

To get your own calendar, click on the download button.

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